What Do My Dogs Do Every Morning? | My French Bulldog's Morning Routine
  • 25.05.2023
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Who stayed for the crazy zoomies? Which part of our morning routine was your favorite? ?❤️

Blanky French Bulldog Too Funny
  • 20.05.2023
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That whining/sniffling sound is too frickin' cute! Poor baby……but my dogs, especially my Australian shepherd mix puppy, will start to bark if he gets frustrated about anything. Especially if it's something that he wants…such as whatever you're eating. And he does the bark in such a way as though he's yelling, "Hey! HEY! I KNOW you see me! Share! I said, SHARE!" They're powerful, quick barks, one at a time, while staring directly at you. I call it him "debating" with you. He strikes a strong argument, but kicking him out the room always proves to be the victorious move :) No need to win an argument when you can just ban the person from speaking altogether. .that sounds like a reference to a government.

Top 10 French Bulldogs with their Friends
  • 20.05.2023
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I will NEVER understand why people feel the need to put small children and babies so close to dogs and cats. Yeah, it's cute, but it's also stupid - you don't know how an animal is going to react -- especially if a baby or child pokes them in the eye.

French bulldog playing with his pups
  • 20.05.2023
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Too Cute! I remember when my dogs had puppies. The dad was so good with them. He would teach them how to play, and not to play too rough. We had two litters, one of seven pups and one of ten. It is a shame that so many pups never get to meet their dad.

French Bulldog crying
  • 20.05.2023
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just home cook-- dogs arent meant to eat canned food all their life. if you need to, alternate fresh foods with really high quality foods like weruva etc. who use human grade quality food and in human factories. remember all non-organic meats have hormones, antibiotics, bad stuff in them. the good news is frenchies are small and its affordable to do this for them. and worth it in long run. i fed raw for 5 years to my 13year old and she did great on that as well.

HOW I GROOM MY FRENCH BULLDOGS (WEEKLY GROOMING - Bath, Drying, Tear Stains, Ears, & Nails)
  • 20.05.2023
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I was a groomer for over a decade before having me first human baby. I am literally a pro at the grooming part. One of the reasons I fell in love with French bulldogs ,other than their personality, was grooming. I did it all day every day so having a fairly easy to groom dog was very appealing. We just got a puppy 2 days ago and I've already did his nails ,cleaned his ears, and all the very basic grooming. I was giving him a few days to build a bond and all before I fully bathe him One of my favorite tools for frenchies and other short hair dogs is a Zoom Groom. It's made by Kong and helps pull all the dead hair off of them. So you can get the hair that will be falling out off before it ends up all over your home. In case everyone is wondering a Furminator is great for double coated dogs.

Tantrum French Bulldog's Bath Routine
  • 20.05.2023
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Bath time for Griff is simply hilarious: "am gonna be bald", "call ma lawyer", "hands off my potato parts", "don't touch what you can't afford"!!! Always a joy watching these two sweet potatoes and their loving family.

Bulldog Snoring makes Funny Noises
  • 28.02.2023
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This bulldog makes really funny noises when snoring.

Tiny Kitten and German Shepherd Puppy
  • 28.02.2023
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I love how the kitten stopped crying as soon as Jessie cuddled with her.

Funny French Bulldogs | Frenchie Compilation
  • 22.02.2023
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The Frenchie by the Fireplace if it Farted the House would Explode!!

English Bulldog Father meets daughter first time
  • 22.02.2023
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Tough english bulldog father meets even tougher daughter for the first time! This video is absolutley hilarious! ENJOY!

Rottweiler Gets A Tiny Puppy And Has The Most Surprising Reaction | The Dodo Little But Fierce
  • 04.02.2023
  • 7371

Rottweiler was scared of his tiny sister at first, until she worked her way through to get our his inner puppy ?

Mother’s life with dachshund puppies.
  • 02.02.2023
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Such smart pups. They're doing their business on the pad even when they aren't in their bed they go there. So wonderful!!

Things You CANT Have When You Own A French Bulldog
  • 14.01.2023
  • 3901

There are some things you can't do when you own a dog! But what can't you do when you own a French Bulldog? Find out in today's funny dog video. Life with Frenchies is fun and filled with lots of funny dog behaviours, reactions and dog tantrums. Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!